Maria McGivern, Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hi, I'm Maria McGivern. I show my clients how to overcome and relieve diverse types of difficulty, stress and pain by retraining harmful unconscious habits and responses to stimuli and encouraging growth and development in a positive and meaningful way using the Alexander technique. I want to help my clients lead the most healthy, happy and aware lives possible.

I was myself introduced to the Alexander technique through lessons in Auckland with my first teacher, Guida Lawrence, who instilled in me a great love and appreciation of the Alexander technique and its ability to change lives.

As a result of these lessons and the impact they had on my life, I trained to be an Alexander technique teacher and underwent the 1600 hours of continuous full-time teacher training over 3 years at the Alexander Technique Institute and Teacher Training School in Sydney, where I trained with Diana Devitt-Dawson, a teacher trained by first-generation teacher Patrick Macdonald and influenced by other first-generation teachers Marjory and Wilfred Barlow, Margaret Goldie, Erika Whittaker and Elisabeth Walker. I graduated as a teacher of the Alexander technique in April 2012.

I am an accredited member of both the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) and the Alexander Technique Teachers’ Society of New Zealand (ATTSNZ). I am dedicated to continuing professional development and have attended post-graduate workshops and lessons with senior teachers Nili Bassan, Pedro de Alcantara, Caren Bayer, John Nicholls, Grant Dillon and Terry Fitzgerald amongst others. I continue to work with, and learn from, other Alexander teachers to increase my understanding of the Alexander technique.

I also have a background as an editor in books and medical and health-related publishing and communications.

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