The ‘end’ of an action is the reason why it is performed; i.e. the result, goal or desired outcome.

In the Alexander technique, the term ‘endgaining’ is used to refer to the process of going directly for an end, focusing purely on the goal we wish to attain and forcing ourselves towards it at any cost – irrespective of any harmful and destructive effects due to the misuse of the self while doing so, and without real consideration of whether the process or means whereby used is actually best for the purpose of achieving the particular goal.

Endgaining is a universal habit. We are taught to be ‘endgainers’ from an early age by our educational system and in modern Western culture in general. FM Alexander saw ‘endgaining’ with its pure focus on the end as a highly damaging process and instead believed that the process must take priority over the end result to achieve a genuinely healthy and beneficial result for an individual.

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