Maria working with an Alexander technique client

Maria working with an Alexander technique client

I currently teach one-to-one individualised lessons in the Alexander technique from home on Abbotts Way in Remuera/Ellerslie, Auckland. The cost of a lesson is $80 (incl GST) per lesson or $70 (incl GST) per lesson for students, beneficiaries and superannuitants. Payment is currently via cash or bank transfer only.

Please contact me on 022 1900 939 for more details or to arrange a lesson. Alternatively, get in contact with me via this website.

Please inform me if you have booked a lesson and are going to be unable to attend or are going to be late. Note lessons cancelled without adequate notice will incur a cancellation fee of:

  • half the fee for less than 24 hours' notice

  • the full fee for less than 1 hour's notice.

Your expectations

Please note I do not promise to fix or cure someone in one lesson. It is not really realistic to expect an instant ‘fix’, particularly when, in most cases, individuals in pain have built up a series of harmful habits of use over a period of years (many, many years in some cases). That said, I think from one lesson you will get a sense of whether you think Alexander technique lessons might be helpful for you or not.

I re-educate people (the Alexander technique is not a therapy or treatment) and that generally happens over a course of lessons. I work with you to change how you habitually respond to stimuli (particularly stressful stimuli) and how you habitually use your self. Any pain tends to lessen once we change that. I do not lock people into a fixed number of lessons (you can come for as many or few lessons as you wish), but bear in mind that what you put in is what you get out of the Alexander technique. In that sense, it is entirely up to you.

FM Alexander and his first-generation teachers always recommended a course of 30 lessons. These days, I would say that 10 lessons are a quite a good foundation for most people, while 20–30 lessons are ideal.

Initially, the more regularly you can come for lessons the better as we are working to change your habits of use and your sensory appreciation (your sense of how you are in your body) and new pupils tend to lose this quite quickly without the reminder of another hands-on lesson. If you have severe pain or severe muscle tension (and possible related anxiety), you should probably try to come several times a week initially and then reduce the frequency. Most people start with weekly lessons (or more often) where possible and then reduce the frequency.

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Maria McGivern, Alexander technique – Alexander works
2/62 Abbotts Way
Auckland 1050
New Zealand.
Tel: 022 1900 939 or internationally +64 22 1900 939

If driving to your lesson, please park on the street. There is on-street parking on the opposite side of the road on Abbotts Way or I recommend parking on Koraha Street. For those with very limited mobility, there may be the possiblity of off-street parking if you let me know your requirements.

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